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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

  The thought of the day came to me after a long fight with the boyfriend. Do you ever feel maybe too judgemental? Or just simply take things too seriously? I noticed tonight when my boyfriend looked at me and simply said " We have it good, we are crazy in love not everything is going to be perfect."  Have you ever sometimes felt maybe you are over reacting? I think that me over reacting and just worrying aout the most simple things take up so much of my time and I really need to just sit back and take a chill pill every now and then.
      It really made me realize we need to never take life so serious its ruins what you feel. Life is well life there are ups ands downs but in all reality this is life. Its simple. We are here. Not everything may seem as bad as you think. You could loose yourself or someone you love tomorrow. Love...and be grateful for those who love you and take you for who you are  and take them for who they are. Smile and have fun. Yes its cliche but ...if your not enjoying yourself and enjoying the company of the one you love...whats the point. Both of you are trying to just live this life the best way you can. Take a step back. Make it simple. Make it happy. And always be free to be you! You decide your happiness.... and your thoughts make them good..just be and laugh at all the imperfections life throws at us. We 're all a little crazy amd weird. Enjoy it why you can.